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Welcome. The Milton Keynes Rose is a new and spectacular public place in Central Milton Keynes which is available to everyone for celebration, commemoration and contemplation.

Designed by internationally-renowned artist, Gordon Young, and commissioned by a partnership of the Milton Keynes Cenotaph Trust, the Milton Keynes Parks Trust and Milton Keynes Council, the MK Rose is available for use by the citizens of Milton Keynes and visitors for many different reasons. You might want to gather to meet like-minded others on 'Valentine's Day' or attend a gathering to celebrate the sunrise on 'Midsummer's Day'. You may want to remember those who have given their lives in war on Armistice Day. Or you may have a more personal day where you wish to remember a loved one. Or you may want to visit MK Rose, as a place where you are safe to just 'be'.

The Rose includes a calendar of days important to the people of Milton Keynes, which are represented by pillars arranged in the geometric design of a flower. 106 pillars were installed prior to launch, most of them dedicated to a particular date, but with some left blank for future dedications. If you feel someone or something needs recognising send us your suggestion and it will be considered for the future.

The Rose is located in Campbell Park, adjacent to the Shopping Centre (location map).

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